Welcome on Zaježka’s website is the joint online presentation of people from Zaježova and its surrounding, who are active members of the „Zaježka community ". We are connected by the goal to live freely, cooperate, protect our local landscape and nature and create conditions for a holistic, worthy life. Thanks to the creativity and enthusiasm of a lot of people we created a space that may inspire you to live in a similar way.

The activities that we present here are parts of a colourful mosaic – however connected, most of them are fascilitated independently by different people and NGOs. Here you’ll find a variety of articles, photographs and videos that we have meanwhile accumulated.

This is also a space where we advertise events, services and products of people, NGOs and small businesses from our region and of our like-minded friends from other parts of Slovakia. Advertisements like this help us to keep this website updated and from time to time print the best articles in our magazine „Naozaj“.

We are positive that you’ll find a lot of interesting things here, however, don’t forget that it’s better to be once seen than a hundred times read ;)

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Permaculture Design Course in Zajezova-Sekier

The course will be an 80-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course spread out over 14 days. This ample time allows students to digest the material, get hands-on experience and work thoroughly on the final design project and presentation. The course will be certified through TreeYo Permaculture as we are guided by Bill Mollison’s curriculum that comprises the 14 chapters of his book “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual”. Course lecturer:  Doug Crouch and Arvid Bohlin.

27. 11. 2016, News , Hanna

European Voluntary Service: Educational Permaculture Farming

If you are 18 till 30 years old and resident of EU, you have the opportunity to participate in a unique learning experience!

Day of pirates in community kindergarten

Pictures from one of the firstevents in our forest kindergarten, which was reopened after two years of break (caused by lack of children in the proper age)  under name "Ronja" in September 2016.

About us

This page was created and is maintained thanks to support from local NGOs and part of local inhabitants who belong to Zaježka Community. Zaježka Community is informal group of local active people, who cooperate and participate on social life in Zaježová.


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