Volunteering at the Sekier Farm

"Sekier" is a traditional smallholding in Zajezova, which was purchased by the civic association PHZ in 1994. Its purpose is to create a base for volunteers who want to experience a more sustainable lifestyle close to nature and who are willing to help the local community. Inspired by the simple and self-sufficient way of life of our ancestors we are trying to find the solution for the socio-ecological crisis, which we face in our contemporary world.

Sekier is run by two young families and during the growing season helped by an international group of volunteers, some of them serving their European Voluntary Service. Open to short-term volunteers from April till November; Sekier is venue to monthly weekend workshops, which are usually about traditional crafts, like basket weaving, scything, wood carving or baking. Sekier is also venue to a 72 hour Permaculture Design Course.

Sekier has Broiler chicken tractors, an egg mobile for hens, a small herd of sheep and goats, as well as a couple of mini cows and veteran horses. Life in Sekier includes daily farm chores like hauling broiler field pens, feeding animals, moving electric fences and hand milking goats. Apart from that, volunteers take care of the non dig garden, help with wood work, prepare food, clean up, repair tools and help to build new structures on the farm.

The farm is set up on a hill, surrounded by a 20 hectare meadow with fruit trees which is gradually being transformed into a more productive and biodiverse property, with the help of permaculture design and many hands who come to help.  In summer we like to teach proper scything techniques and make hay for the goats and sheep.

Sekier is equipped with certain modern devices that we just considered very helpful - a library with internet, a laundry machine, a circular saw and electrical fencing, to name a few.

There is no paved road leading to Sekier. The farm is an old stone house, the rooms are neatly renovated with wooden floors, they are heated with wood stoves. The kitchen and bathroom have running water from our nearby well. the bath room has a wood fired shower, the toilets are composting long drops outside.

Based on our experience we would like to recommend to those who would like to solve some serious personal problems here (for example drug addiction, running away from parents), to turn to professional helpers. It is not easy to change one‘s lifestyle dramatically, to live and work in close cooperation with other people from other cultures, to learn from making mistakes. Living in Sekier is a challenge - not everybody is ready for it and we have a long and pertaining experience with people who gave it up much sooner than they planned. However, for most people Sekier was a big step in their personnal development.

Our NGO is not religious, neither it is ideologically defined, although it was founded with an aim to support the ideas of sustainable lifestyle. To be able to live a daily life in Sekier is seems essential to be in peace with oneself, to be able to be in harmony with one‘s surrounding environment. A long-term volunteer needs to show social maturity, being able to share material life and spiritual values, to cope with the limited and gentle usage of technologies. Of course, we don’t expect anyone to be perfect, but we appreciate seeing an effort to work within ones abilities and possibilities.

Sekier is also open to short-term volunteers and visitors during our weeks for guests. The dates for those guest weeks are listed on the page with upcoming events and activities. During these weeks for guests we ask our visitors to participate in the daily works for 5-7 hours each day (sometimes they are taking place outside of Sekier in another part of Zajezova). If you’d like to come for less than one week, please sign up for one of our monthly weekend workshops.

From all our short-term volunteers we ask for a contribution of 3€/day.

In very exceptional cases we receive paying guests (12€/day incl. all meals)  – we won’t expect such guests to join in with the daily work, however, we apreciate if they help with the dishes or some other small things in the house.

Please, arrange your visit with us in advance by texting or calling +421915279905.

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This page was created and is maintained thanks to support from local NGOs and part of local inhabitants who belong to Zaježka Community. Zaježka Community is informal group of local active people, who cooperate and participate on social life in Zaježová.


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